Draughts Online Games

Draughts Online Games

About Section

FMJD has established an Online Tournaments Section, the main tasks of which are

Expansion and development of forms of conducting drafts competitions on the Internet
Professional development and sportsmanship
Popularization of checkers
Preparation of athletes for participation in intramural international competitions
At the current moment in time, when holding face-to-face competitions is extremely difficult and postponed indefinitely, online tournaments will be able to support the drafts sport we all love. In addition, online tournaments can help attract new participants, organizers and sponsors to competitions.

FMJD online tournaments section invites athletes of all national Drafts Federations to take part in a series of such tournaments.

In 2021, the Section plans to hold an online Blitz World Cup in Brazilian Drafts dedicated to the memory of Lelio Marcos with a time control of 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move in several stages.

Preliminary stage – championships of countries and continents.

The final tournament will host the winners of the preliminary stage.

We will be grateful for your suggestions and additions on this project.

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